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As a body of Christ, our faith remains unshaken in the Almighty God, our Source of life and strength.  Collectively, His words, precepts, commands, laws, knowledge, wisdom and instructions we will adhere to and these will be our compass. 

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Roof Collapses

The entire roof of the St Mary's Church Ipetu Ijesa collapsed recently.

The unfortunate incident occured on Tuesday 8 January 2013 at about 9:15pm. The entire
Ipetu Ijesa CAN met for New year Universal Week of prayer early in the morning of the same day,
so we praise God for averting a major disaster.

A rough sum of NGN 7.8 million has been put up to complete the project. This case can be likened to
emergency flood or tsunami that requires our sympathy and immediate intervention.

We hereby seek your financial or material assistance to getting the building completed.

It is our prayer that the Lord will continually bless you and provide for your needs.

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Welcome to Ijesha North East Diocese. please read more about us and our workings in the community.

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